Corona Dragon in kindergartens and primary schools

On this page you will find ideas for activities with children in kindergartens and primary schools. If you have ideas for further activities, we will be very happy if you write to us. 

Ideas for activities for children in kindergarten and primary school

Although coloring books were created when quarantine began, thanks to their simplicity and versatility, they can be used even now, when conditions are gradually changing. Children in kindergartens and schools can get acquainted with current measures in a fun way.

The coloring pages were created two months ago and during that time they reached a lot of children. We are very happy about that! The situation has changed since then, but as some children have returned to kindergartens and schools, there is still a need to explain current measures. At this time, coloring books can be used in children's kindergartens and schools.

A week with the dragon Koron in kindergarten

Author of activities: Jarmila Haroková, kindergarten teacher

„I came across the coloring book 'How to Defeat the Dragon Koran' by chance, through my daughter, who was looking for materials for her diploma thesis and discovered this great material. It was an ideal material for my weekly plan, with which I wanted to respond to current events and the reopening of our kindergarten in the "time of coronavirus".

I wanted to introduce the situation to the children in an understandable and playful way, and these coloring book exactly fulfilled my intention. I acquainted the children with the story, watched a video and basically worked with coloring books in the form of a fairy tale for a whole week and appropriately supplemented and expanded them with other activities, practiced hygienic recommendations, including putting on a children's veil. Each child in the class worked with their own set of coloring books.“

I. Making a flat puppet of the Corona Dragon

  • Coloring the picture of the dragon, cutting out the picture, gluing it with a drawing, sticking it on a stick - practicing fine motor skills, diligence at work, cutting techniques, sticking…
  • Mathematical ideas - practicing the number 1-5 (we count the dragon's head, wings, legs ...), determining the colors that children used in the work
    Introduction to other dragons "Influenza", "Rýmouš", "Neštovičák" and "Sneeze"
  • Worksheets - graphomotor exercise "Draw a soap bubble around the bacillus", listening to the song "Bacillus"
  • Movement improvisation with the puppet of the dragon Koron according to the song "A proud dragon flew out"
  • Installation of the exhibition "Dragons of the Corons" in the locker room for parents
  • Relaxation activity - playing with color - blowing color with a straw "Bacilli and viruses"

II. Making a castle from a paper box

  • Waste material processing
  • In the working group, according to interest, the children took turns in the assigned work - someone cut out a gate or windows from paper, some children glued them to a model of the castle
  • Ongoing another group of children formed a similar castle using the formers in the sandbox with the kinetic sand, which we have available in the classroom.
  • While staying outside, we painted the "stones" on the walls with tempera paints on the terrace

III. Brave knights

  • We completed the castle with paper puppets from the coloring book (same production process as for the dragon Koron)
  • Language skills, vocabulary development - inventing the names of knights, determining the character traits of characters, a description of their clothing - armor, protective shield ...
  • Task for children (mathematical ideas - assignment) - stick the symbols (glasses, gloves, etc.) correctly on the shield according to the chosen name of the knight (assignment practice), complete or color the symbols (veil, glasses, gloves, soap) on the knight figures

IV. Movement exercises

  • Movement improvisation according to songs
  • Morning exercise - puppets of knights I used for motivation: Every knight must be not only brave, but also agile ...
  • Natural exercises using familiar songs
  • Marching walk in rhythm, upright posture
  • Leap jump - "we go on horseback"
  • The knight is accompanied on his travels by a "faithful friend of the dog" - climbing in support of a squat
  • There is also danger on the roads - "we crawl like snakes" and walk "like a bear"
  • Dance Improvisation with Scarves by Music (CD)

Foreign language teaching

Thanks to many language localizations, coloring books can also be used well in teaching foreign languages.

Thanks to Daniela from @ourlifeinvietnam for this photo

Understandable material for children
(even adults) with mental disabilities

Soon after the coloring pages were published, we were approached by a special educator who was looking for a way to explain the situation around Koronavir to children with mental disabilities, and in the coloring pages about the dragon Koron, he found what he was looking for. Many thanks to him for translating the coloring pages into German.

„Coloring book about the Corona Dragon is a great work that will please not only children but also parents and teachers. I am a special pedagogue working in Austria, and as part of the preparation of materials for children, I was looking for a way that would explain the issue of the Corona virus well and clearly to children with mental disabilities. Coloring books caught my eye at first sight with their great and imaginative graphic design. When I read the text, I quickly realized that this is exactly what I am looking for and what I need to move to parents who are struggling with the problem as children to explain clearly and intelligibly what is currently happening around us. I am very grateful to the authors that this work has other language versions. Thank you very much for them on behalf of German-speaking children and parents, and I wish you much success in your future work.“
Ladislav Baranspecial pedagogue (Austria)

Watch a video of little Kevin, who defeated Corona Dragon and tells his story in sign language.

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