„My doughter Sara didn't want to talk to us about Coronavirus at all, she was very afraid that it was something bad that would hurt us. We didn't have a chance to talk to her about the disease. However, She liked the coloring book about the dragon, we immediately read it together, and suddenly the fear was a little less. At least as much so that we could talk about it together and I could see what was going on in her head. The coloring book helped us a lot.“
Andrea Grigerová
„Coloring book is a good entry to talk about the current situation that has affected us. Hospital Dragons are a good metaphor for the viral diseases that afflict us. The children know well from fairy tales that dragons need to be defeated and the fairy tale will guide them through funny pictures and equip them with the necessary armor. Children are also usually able to adapt very well to unexpected situations, especially if we adults explain well to them why something is happening. Wearing a veil, gloves or disinfecting things can therefore become a game through the material and children can be brave dragon fighters.“
PhDr. Kateřina Bartošová, Ph.D. child psychologist
„The fairy tale about Koron is great! This was missing here, to give children a simple explanation and clear instructions on how to actively protect / help. This gives them control over the situation and gives them more peace of mind. Plus ... it's just beautifully crafted!“
Jitka Černovská
"This project is the result of creativity, flexibility, readiness and a good will to help. The authors deserve thanks for their contribution to strengthening the resilience of the youngest. This is a suitable form for parents, teachers and other close adults to communicate with children about coronavirus and COVID-19. It is nice that in this story the child himself becomes an active hero who has the ability to face danger effectively. It is a story of resilience and coping, where even the smallest are not powerless. As part of international cooperation, I had the opportunity to share a coloring book and a video story with colleagues who are leading experts in disaster psychology in other EU countries, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and Israel. The material is also well received by experts abroad. For example, William Yule, Professor Emeritus of Child Applied Psychology (King's College London Institute of Psychiatry), who is the world's leading expert in helping children in disasters, gave a positive assessment. We also included the coloring pages in the database of recommended materials on the website and in the mobile application Koronavirus COVID-19 in the Czech Republic. "
PhDr. Štěpán Vymětal, in psychology at the Ministry of the Interior
SC on Crisis, Disaster and Trauma Psychology EFPA

Kevin fights the Corona Dragon

A sign language video in which the brave Kevin fights the Corona dragon with five weapons from the coloring book. Many thanks to Kevin and his parents for this beautiful video.

„I would like to thank the authors for the excellent elaboration of the current topic for small children. Concise, playful, fun, informative, understandable, nice - I'm just excited. I have already sent it to my colleagues, we are opening a kindergarten tomorrow and I have the coloring story of Corona Dragon ready for all the children in the class, we will work with it during the week and we will add other activities as appropriate.“
Jarmila Harokovákindergarten teacher
„At the beginning, I would like to emphasize two important things that intertwine the whole coloring book: 1. Drawings - beautiful, expressive and non-frightening drawings 2. Simple story - everything is included in a simple version, but whoever wants, can continue to work with the fairy tale. The fairy tale is taught to children and parents of all ages, as well as parents of children with disabilities. The coloring book can be used in the field of graphomotorics, mathematics, Czech and the field of Man and his world. Coloring book can be cut out and enjoy puppetry. I think that a short, concise story with a coloring book is a joy for children and an aid for parents and educators. Big thanks to the authors! :-)“
Andrea Hučková
„A fairytale coloring book thrilled me! I myself want to paint the dragon and bend its head. I will send it to the parents of my students and to my friends, teachers from other schools.“
Martina Heyerováteacher
„I really enjoy the idea that viruses get to us through invisible flying dragons that are spraying them on us. I like that the coloring story of Corona Dragon supports children's imagination, children can think about whether a dragon is good or evil, they can ask questions about where and why the dragon came from and many others. Both parents and teachers can creatively develop children´s critical thinking through a simple story.“
Kateřina Bukovjanováteacher
„The coloring book is graphically nicely crafted with a clear story that is understandable to the tradition of our fairy tales - something that our children know and can imagine. The playful light atmosphere of the creation gives the opportunity to open a theme that is abstract and otherwise incomprehensible to children.“
Gabriela Pařilováschool director
„The coloring book presents the current situation related to the occurrence of coronavirus in the Czech Republic in a comprehensible form. Getting acquainted with the story and working with coloring books can help them overcome the fear of this new situation for them and especially help parents of children to motivate children in a fun way to follow all the necessary preventive rules. I also consider the coloring book to be very suitable for children with mental disabilities, for whom it is also necessary to find a way to bring the current situation closer to them with a number of limitations. I appreciate the beautiful kind pictures along with the short story, which is easy for children to understand.“
Dana Vamberovápsychologist
„Coloring book about the Corona Dragon is a great work that will please not only children but also parents and teachers. I am a special pedagogue working in Austria, and as part of the preparation of materials for children, I was looking for a way that would explain the issue of the Corona virus well and clearly to children with mental disabilities. Coloring books caught my eye at first sight with their great and imaginative graphic design. When I read the text, I quickly realized that this is exactly what I am looking for and what I need to move to parents who are struggling with the problem as children to explain clearly and intelligibly what is currently happening around us. I am very grateful to the authors that this work has other language versions. Thank you very much for them on behalf of German-speaking children and parents, and I wish you much success in your future work.“
Ladislav Baranspecial pedagogue (Austria)