How to defeat
the Corona Dragon

A Colouring Book for Children on How We Can Defeat the Corona Dragon Together

Why did we write the Corona dragon story?

This colouring book about the Corona dragon came about in order to teach children about the precautions that can help protect them and those around them against COVID-19. We purposely did not mention anything here that could potentially scare them, and we leave it up to you to go into as much detail as you think is appropriate for their age and maturity level when you read this book together.

Jana Andrésková & Ingrid Dach

The animated video for the project was created by the 60scnds studio.


Artist, web designer, and mum to two children, thanks to whom she went from painting works of art to drawing cheerful children’s pictures and colouring books.
Ingrid Dach
Copywriter, marketing guru, and mum to three children, thanks to whom she left the world of science and began clothing female entrepreneurs in words and ideas.

Translation: Spěváček language school

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