The story behind the story

The coloring story is the result of the collaboration of two creative women.

Jana Andrésková

Jana, a mother of 2 children, a webdesigner and artist who enjoys to paint pictures for children, has created a series of coloring sheets with animals with a mask on. Thanks to cheerful pictures with a strong line that can easily be colored even by the little ones and funny slogans such as “Don't be lama and put on a veil”, coloring pages quickly attracted the attention of children and parents and spread across the Czech Internet.

But masks are just one of the measures we can actually protect ourselves from COVID-19, and Jana has not found any usable material that would describe all the protection options to children in a comprehensible and pleasant way, and decided to create it. She approached Ingrid, who she knew was a pro for lyrics and storytelling.

Ingrid Dach

Ingrid, a content marketing specialist and mom of three children, was happy to work with the project. And because she has two small brave knights at home, she came up with the idea of taking the story as a "duel with the dragon" that we can all defeat when we join forces. She knew it was a topic that would interest children.

We really enjoyed inventing a coloring book so that it did not distort the situation around us and at the same time described it comprehensibly and understandably for the youngest children. During the creation we consulted many people with coloring books - our children, other parents, teachers and psychologists. The Department of Psychology of the Pedagogical Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno took professional patronage over coloring books.

Thanks to social networks, coloring books have spread quickly among Czech and Slovak children and parents right after their publication. Teachers from kindergartens and schools distributed them to their pupils' parents.

Gradually, we were approached by parents and experts from other countries, who were interested in a clear and original form of the story, if it was possible to translate coloring books to the other languages. Thanks to the help of volunteer translators, we have published 8 language versions of coloring books and we are working on others.

Animated video from 60scnds

60scnds are digital storytellers who animated the story of Corona Dragon with animation. They write, draw and animate. They are creative, like challenges and can explain what you are doing in one minute. If you are looking for someone like that, contact them ;-)

Help us to share coloring books all over the world :-)

We are very pleased that our coloring books have spread across continents. We will be happy if you share them and help both children and parents fight the dragon Koron.

Jana & Ingrid